Lexi (luvin_legolas) wrote in hp_road2maclay,

George Morris Clinic.

So, I skipped school and went to watch a George Morris clinic yesterday. It was AMAZING. Such a great experience...I'm really, really glad I went. He's a really effective teacher and had SO much excellent input. He was also super hilarious. I have a few videos of him riding/talking. Unfortunately, my camera died during the first section of riders, so I only have 3 somewhat decent-ish videos. I'm kinda sad, he rode some really challenging horses later on for some of the people in the clinic and did a great job with them. Oh well!

This is a 4 year old horse who was being fussy with his leads. The horse's rider was being really busy with her hands, so George talked a lot about how to use your hands properly.

Taking the same 4 year old through a little bounce...this is the first time he took the horse through, it got better and better each time.

Taking another person's horse over a little jump...again, not the best go he had on the horse. It was funny, though...he freakin' LOVED this horse. He kept talking about what a nice horse it was, haha.


(after seeing three people in the Intermediate group who had glitzy spurs)
"You're planning on going to the disco after you ride. Going to dance with Paris Hilton. She's from California, isn't she, that Paris? Oh-ho-ho, I'd loveee to have a riding lesson with her. Teach her a thing or two."

"See, what you're doing is what we call 'sawing' on your horse's mouth. You like to do this because it is exotic and, therefore, seductive."

"These black stirrups that you have, they are very ugly. They're the new fashion, these black stirrups. But I prefer the classic silver stirrups. These, yes, these are very, very ugly. But they are exotic!"

"It's all about the angles."

"My, oh my! You're all braindead!!"

"I know blondes have more fun, but that's no excuse. You've just got to concentrate more!"

"That was Michaelangelo, Pavarotti...and MADONNA all rolled into one! The way you rode that course was a stroke of brilliance!"

(while on a psychopath horse in the Advanced group)
"You are just a SON OF A GUN."

"You've got to let your horse be a horse. So many people these days lunge their horse to death or drug them or put cotton balls in their ears so they can't hear or use any number of gadgets, like a martingale to keep their head still. And you get them all balled up in a little box. But people, by nature, like a challenge. So let your horse be a horse and RIDE it."

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