Lexi (luvin_legolas) wrote in hp_road2maclay,

Horse Power Video

Hey, everyone! Merry Christmas!!

So, one of my Christmas gifts was a digital camera...I decided to test drive out the video and experiment a bit with my movie editing stuff. And so...I created...and Horse Power music video type dealio. It's kindavery crappy quality, I'm not gonna lie. It actually looked a lot better before I compressed it to stream it online. But it is a movie nonetheless.

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I like it, maybe because any movie editing program I have absolutely sucks, and well yeah.

Good video.

What type of camera did you get?
Haha, thanks. It's mostly just the way I converted it to be streamed online...the sound quality got tinny. But I love, love, love the iMovie program, it's super easy and really fun to use.

I got a Sony Cybershot with a touch screen.
Touch screen, thats pretty high-tech. Hope it workes out really well for you.