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'06 Maclay

The results are in!!

According to Maria Schuab's blog...

Results: ASPCA Maclay National Championship, Nov. 4-5:
Rider, Horse
1. Maggie McAlary, Chagall
2. Julie Welles, Sander
3. Jennifer Waxman, Falcon
4. Nick Haness, Landano
5. Sloane Coles, Papillon 136
6. Addison Phillips, Talisman
7. Adrienne Dixon, Tarantino
8. Mallory Olson, Patriot
9. Nikko Ritter, Double O Seven
10. Tina Dilandri, RSVP
11. Katie McDaniel, Casino
12. Jacqueline Lubrano, Versace
13. Zazou Hoffman, Littlefoot
14. Kimberly McCormack, Sundance
15. Victoria Birdsall, Baheera
16. Hannah Selleck, Truffle
17. Eleanor Kunsman, Triumph
18. Lucy Davis, Hearts on Fire
19. Hillary Dobbs, Aaron
20. Nicole Husky, Altobelli
21. Henry Pfeiffer, Justinian
22. Heather Dobbs, Raven
23. Maria Schaub, Whimsey
24. Elizabeth Lubrano, Golou II
25. Nicholas Dello Joio, Vintage

Uhmm, YAY MAGGIE! And she was riding Chagall? Very cool! (Apparently the horse she had planned on taking to the Maclay, I assume Mid Accord, came up lame and Andre scrambled to find a ride for her) I'm excited for her, she's an AMAZING rider and (from what we could see from the 1st season) had a great personality. She's worked hard to get where she is...Congrats, Miss McAlary!

There's a few other Road to the Maclay veterans on top 25, too...Julie Welles, Sloan, Addison, Nikko, and Maria...I'm really interested to see if they DO make a 2nd season. It'll be really interesting to see how these riders have progressed.

(from equisearch)

More info here...
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