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"Horse Power: Road to the Maclay" Fans!

"Horse Power: Road to the Maclay" Fans
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"It starts with the love of the animal and the whole environment and experience and develops into the love of competing and winning."
-Andre Dignelli

Welcome to the LJ community for Horse Power fans! Anything to do with Horse Power, or horse showing in general, is welcome here...comments about the competitors, personal show experiences, questions about riding or the show, etc.

made by bellyache_girl
Warmbloods Are Love

The "Beacon Hill" Team:
Brianne Goutal.

Maria Schuab.
Chelsea Moss.

The "Heritage Farm" Team:
Maggie McAlary.
Natalie Johnson.

The "Seabreeze Farm" Team:

Nikko Ritter.

And...the underdog:
Lindsay Smith.
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